One Platform for Your Entire
Ophthalmology Practice Ecosystem!

Unfied Ophthalmology EMR Platform

Unfied Ophthalmology EMR Platform

Integrated Ophthalmology Specific EHR,
Practice Management, and Patient Engagement Platform

Everything you need to manage your healthcare practice more effectively;

we bring it together in one place.

We employ cutting-edge health cloud technology with robust integration capabilities that consolidates EHR, PM, ASC, Patient Engagement, Revenue Cycle, Opticals, and Inventory into one integrated platform.

Ophthalmology EHR & ASC

Our Ophthalmology EHR Software is purpose-built to reflect individual physicians’ preferred style of practice! Yet, at the same time, it can be tailored to accommodate the workflows of the entire eye care organization.

Whether you have been practicing using other systems or paper-based methods, transitioning to EHNOTE is simple, as you can configure it precisely to mirror your current workflow.

  • Chart patients up to 5X faster
  • Improved documentation accuracy
  • Speed up examination & diagnosis
  • Automated ICD & CPT codes generation
  • Ophthalmic imaging & analysis
  • Integrated ASC charting
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Centralized Practice Management

A complete & powerful suite to manage healthcare practices of any size more effectively with minimal resources.

Our Practice Management Software connects the front and back-office operations of your healthcare practice to help streamline administration & revenue generation for running a smoother and more profitable practice.

  • Centralized Control
  • Multi-location Management
  • Real-time reports & analytics
  • Integrated Medical Billing & Claim Processing
  • Improved physician work-life balance
  • Increased patient throughput
  • Secure & Regulatory Compliant
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Remote Patient Care

Our patient engagement platform is a connected suite of personalized patient care solutions that enable patients to participate actively in their own healthcare process and better manage their health.

It provides physicians with a wide range of Data-driven Patient Care solutions to always stay in touch with their patients and deliver Value-Based Care.

  • Data-driven Decision-Making
  • Robust Personalized Patient Portal
  • Secure Two-way communication
  • Value-based Remote Care Management
  • Pivotal Health Information & Educational Material Exchange
  • Online Opticals & Contact Lens Shopping
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Clinical & Business Analytics

A connected platform to optimize your business operations and provide high-quality services with improved efficiency & accuracy.

It simplifies daily operations with seamless data flow & automation to improve your retail & inventory operations, streamline & simplify patient influx, nurture & improve patient relationships. Hence, increasing staff productivity & revenue generation.

  • Opticals Point-of-sale
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Population Health Management
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Referrals Management
  • Outreach Solutions
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Helping care providers be at their best in what they do.

We build intuitive & personalized systems that speak your language! You can customize them to meet your unique requirements and work in a collaborative environment with other care providers to drive better care & business outcomes.


Time Saved on
Administrative Operations


Improvements in
Patient Retention


Increase in
Revenue Generation

A clinic management software that is a best fit for
your specialty practice, not a force-fit!

  • Ophthalmologists

    An integrated, data-driven EHR, PMS, ASC, Opticals, & Patient Engagement platform to deliver value-based care using the power of analytics.

  • Optometrists

    A Comprehensive Optometry EHR, PMS, Opticals, & Patient Engagement platform that eliminates paperwork & helps you spend quality time with patients.

  • Opticians

    An integrated Opticals point-of-sale that brings all your optical store operations under one umbrella & improves retail operations.

  • Practice Managers

    A centralized & HIPAA compliant PM, RCM, Patient Engagement, Opticals, CRM, and Analytical Dashboard suite to streamline operations & drive productivity.

Ophthalmology Sub specialty template Opthalmology vision test template Optical POS Ophthalmology practice dashboard

A clinic management software that is a best fit for
your specialty practice, not a force-fit!

The right solution for your needs

A Robust and Flexible Platform
Built for Practices of All Size

Whether you are a solo practitioner or have a multi-location set-up our system adapts to your needs
& helps you increase efficiency & productivity.

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Hassle-free migration without compromising your data integrity or operational efficiency!

No matter whether you are upgrading from a paper-based method or switching from a dated EHR, EHNOTE helps you make a smoother & strategic transition with zero impacts on your clinical and business operations.

With EHNOTE, you don’t have to worry about complicated implementations and tedious training processes! You can easily customize the system to match your current workflow and get started immediately.

Easy EHR Migration

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A cloud-based specialty EHR for secure and flexible practice management, without any redundant hardware or paper records.

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Flexible Scalability

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Automatic & Timely Updates

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Security & Compliance

Open the gates to new possibilities with a powerful EHR, PM, & Patient Engagement System!

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