Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals adopts EHNOTE as an innovative medical technology for its growing end to end Super Specialty Eye Care Services across India

Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals is one of the leading centers for advanced eye care in India providing end-to-end super specialty eye care services across the country. It has its branches in the states of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. In recent years, it has faced with the daunting task of adopting and implementing a new Electronic Health Record System for transitioning into the new electronic era.

“By adapting to medical practice management software such as Electronic Health Record Systems are increasingly crucial to the operation of medical practices,”

as per the founder of Maxi Vision hospitals. Even the executives and other ophthalmologists at the hospital knew that the system was necessary, as it would serve as a cornerstone for the organization’s digital transformation strategy.

From its earliest beginnings – Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospital has a futuristic approach to make healthcare affordable to everyone by using the latest medical technologies, providing effective diagnostic services to help fulfill its mission of ophthalmic care to all people regardless of their circumstances.

A Single Network to Drive Results-

According to Dr. GSK Velu – Chairman, the greatest challenge that Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospital faces today is “providing our mission with diminishing resources.” When his organization decided to collaborate with EHNOTE, they were looking for a long-term strategic partner that could help them unify their operations across the entire system and start realizing better results quickly.

“What EHNOTE been able to do is help us organize ourselves in many ways with a fairly low-capital (cost-effective prices) and do it very promptly and then ultimately backing that up with training and education so that our staff/ophthalmologists can use tools as they have been designed?”

Within the first year on the EHNOTE Network, Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals began seeing improved financial performance. “EHNOTE implementation helped us in revenue cycle management by automating revenue and in reducing our administrative overheads.” Athmanathan Ganesan – Director (Finance) & Group CEO

Let Ophthalmologists Do What They Do Best

In addition to providing faster time to value, collaborating with EHNOTE has also allowed doctors and surgeons to refocus their efforts on their mission. “EHNOTE’s innovative ophthalmology technology and customizable workflows are giving our ophthalmologists an easy to use ophthalmology EMR platform,” said Mr. Anand Baggadeo AVP – Operations. “Our staff has a lot of higher morale because they no longer need to deal with a lot of things that they might normally have to,” said Dr.Anitha C Kamarthy M.S. Sr. Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon, Maxi Vision-Hyderabad. “It frees up ophthalmologists to do exactly what they are trained to do.”

Growing Together as the Industry Evolves

With the integrated components for prescription, medicine management, test requests and results in the form of EHNOTE we are seeing improvements in medicine safety, “Dr. LVK Raju says. “No longer do we have problems with the legibility of prescriptions. “Instead, we have well-presented, clearly documented, well-prescribed medicines that have been checked and so we’re seeing real patient safety benefits there.”

As a strategic partner, EHNOTE is helping us grow and mature as a group practice, EHNOTE is right here; side-by-side helping us to grow.” “EHNOTE had allowed us in achieving integration across the healthcare spectrum from pharmacies, labs and optical to insurance companies.” Dr. GSK Velu – Chairman Maxi Vision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals.

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Challenges in Ophthalmology care –

  • Fairly complicated organizational climate with a wide range of expectations from various stakeholders
  • A version of the EHR system that was acceptable to the ophthalmologists to be eventually adopted into clinical practice

The Solution

  • Implement EHNOTE Electronic health record system
  • Modules that can be implemented for test requests, reporting, prescription and medicine management.


  • Resulted in integrated healthcare CRM
  • Ease of use saved a huge amount of time and money
  • EHNOTE helped in performing a critical and decisive role in the day to day hospital management.

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