Nethra Eye Institute (a unit of Sowrya Hospital)

a total eye care state of the art super specialty eye hospital in the heart of Hyderabad - Telangana for many years was using paper records and initially also used software for billing purpose only. Health Information System or HIS was used later on that was adopted in anticipation of integration with an EHR, which eventually has not materialized.

The Nethra Eye Institute’s previous efforts were complicated by the fact that they lagged in technology. Documentation was very cumbersome and labor-intensive. Ophthalmologists and staff were frustrated by their inability to access and share information seamlessly. The previous Electronic Health Record System – EHR did not support efforts to-

  • Create a workflow process that is fast and in decreasing turnaround time or TAT considerably.
  • Share information across the care continuum
  • Obtaining a complete patient history
  • Be benefited from equipment integration as there was no ophthalmology specific EHR that can integrate different types of processes with a software

“We have to coordinate care with many different people and with many different entities. The communication between our team and the other care providers within the hospital premises and with patients was extremely divided,” explained Dr. Ram Kumar Gudapati Master of Ophthalmology - Nethra Eye Institute

Race against time

A lot of time was wasted in manually transferring paper medical records physically from one specialty to another specialty for further investigations and noting the process in the records. The medical records were still only paper based and creating them at each level took their considerable turnaround time.

A Smart & Scalable Hospital Information System with advanced AI Ophthalmology Suite

Nethra Eye Institute then chose EHNOTE to help them manage their scheduling and EHR needs. Ophthalmologists adapted easily to the user-friendly interfaces of EHNOTE product features - creating almost immediate workflow efficiencies. As a result, the Nethra Eye Institute overcame some of its technological challenges for providing more holistic care.

Implementing EHNOTE Ophthalmology Suite helped the Nethra Eye Institute-

In generating accurate MIS reports which allowed the management to take timely decisions and helped them in becoming more productive in the long run. “The transition to EHNOTE Ophthalmology suite was smooth and simple,” said Dr. Ram Kumar Gudapati - MBBS, MS – Ophthalmology

“We were able to have an intuitive interface and seamless navigations that helped us in cutting back on repetitive tasks such as data entry that helped our institute in saving valuable time”

Nethra Eye Institute started its partnership with EHNOTE in 2019 thereby beginning a new path towards solutions that streamlines processes and helping them for future expansion.

Overall, like any good partnership, EHNOTE and Nethra Eye Institute is providing a fully customized ophthalmology-centric HIS/EHR to the delight of decision-makers and patients that are proving highly useful.

Improved access to information helps providers and patients

  • As an IT Partner/Administrator EHNOTE EHR helped improve care coordination, the Nethra Eye Institute realized multiple benefits not only in the provision of care but also in the quality of patient engagement.
  • “EHNOTE’s AI element quickly gets attuned to distinct practice styles that in turn is helping cut back on our repetitive documentation and prescription thereby helping us in saving our valuable time,” said – Dr. Deepika.N. MBBS, MS – Ophthalmology - Ophthalmologist/Eye Surgeon at Nethra Eye Institute”
  • EHNOTE appreciates Nethra Eye Institute’s role in the successful customization of our EHR system. Nethra Eye Institute is really impressed by the implementation of EHNOTE successfully with the key focus on customer/patient satisfaction.

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