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The primary objective of Win Vision Eye Hospital is to provide ophthalmological services using the latest technologies with its dedicated team of eye surgeons and ophthalmologists. As such, WinVision Eye Hospitals was required to provide its ophthalmological services to everyone regardless of its branch locations while improving its financial outlook and Multi branch management.

Before the partnership with EHNOTE SOFT LABS, Win Vision Eye Hospitals was searching for custom workflow templates that are apt for various day-to-day consultations. Win Vision Eye Hospital found EHNOTE AI powered platform satisfying its requirements with templates that can be quickly modified according to the needs of its patients.

Besides, it was also facing issues with managing its multi-branch locations spread across the city of Hyderabad in the State of Telangana. We had a very inefficient process according to Dr. Sree Lakshmi Nimmagadda – Managing Director at WinVision Eye Hospitals.

She further explains, “We faced hurdles with our EHR and it was a big challenge as we used outdated desktop software. We are looking for the right EHR that is designed and developed in conjunction with ophthalmologists and standing out for ophthalmologists. We found EHNOTE fulfilling our professional needs.”

When it was clear that its existing solution was not delivering the ongoing functionality of managing Multi-branch (five branches) – Dr. Sree Lakshmi Nimmagadda was determined for improving the usage of available software tools to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of Multi-branch management.

Seeking an integrated database solution with proven results

Considering the growth plans envisioned for WinVision Eye Hospitals and using technology that enables clinical care and workflow efficiencies, it came down to potential solutions. “We choose EHNOTE because the company delivered simplified EHR solutions. Its intuitive interface and seamless navigation are quite remarkable that helped us in cutting back on repetitive tasks. Also critical, EHNOTE’s improved patient communications empowers multidisciplinary teams in documenting and sharing patient information accurately and consistently,” explained – Dr. Satish Gupta – Chairman WinVision Hospitals

WinVision Hospitals collaborated with EHNOTE for a Smart & Scalable Hospital Information System that helped in achieving exponential growth with ease. “Thanks to the AI-powered platform, our ophthalmologists had custom workflow templates ready for their day-to-day consultations.”

Enhancing patient care through improved efficiencies while gaining financial stability

With EHNOTE, Win Vision Hospitals positively transformed their key financial aspects of the hospital and its branches while improving patient care and reporting. Ever since, implementing EHNOTE EHR solutions, WinVision Hospitals is enjoying the following benefits-

  • Enhanced quality of Patient Care-

    Today, Win Vision Hospitals can better patient care by their key health indicators. Dr. Lakshmi Nimmagadda explains, “By using EHNOTE, we are providing high quality care for a large number of patients by keeping in touch with the patients via emails and messages and it is like having our patient care executive”. “I strongly recommend EHNOTE to my fellow ophthalmologists.”

    “Our Ophthalmologists can access their patient information from multiple branches/locations. Better, faster access to patient information also plays a crucial role in delivering improved ophthalmology services” Dr.Hari Narayan Prasad - Senior Consultant with WinVision Hospitals comments.

  • AI Solutions for early detection of medical conditions- Dr.Pradeep Misra – Senior Consultant is also impressed with EHNOTE advanced AI solutions. As he explains, “EHNOTE provides advanced AI solutions for early detection of our patients’ medical conditions like Glaucoma. We are quite excited to start using EHNOTE’s AI capabilities down the road.”
  • Improved access to information-

    Another benefit from the overall experience of using EHNOTE for WinVision hospital is that it provides a broader view of what is happening with the patient by allowing accessing all visits and case sheets of patients with a single click. “Therefore, EHNOTE is helping our ophthalmologists to spend more quality time with patients to make clinical decisions, rather than tracking down gaps found in the patient data.”

    “EHNOTE is a great tool that can be customized right from primary eye care to the tertiary eye care – Dr. Shubhra Goel – Oculoplasty Consultant with WinVision hospital comments.

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