We are Team EHNOTE

Delivering on the Promise Of Accelerating Healthcare Transformation with New-age Specialty Solutions

EHNOTE empowers healthcare practices to outpace change with specialty-cloud solutions that help digitize operations and produce measurable outcomes.

Our Story

About Us

About Us

EHNOTE is the leading provider of innovative health solutions. We believe in transforming the health sector to improve response time and medical care, and each of our team member works with this philosophy to make it easier for medical practitioners to deliver efficiently because patients are priority!

We also back our user goals through preparation, implementation, and supervision of end wise customer engagement resolutions. The process begins with marketing through technology. The team of brilliant and receptive professionals fetches creative, state-of-the-art designs which are technology rooted and involve thought leadership and appropriate solutions for each business partner.

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Our Promises

Volume-based to Value-based

We empower healthcare providers with right solutions they need to deliver value-based healthcare.

Data-driven Care Framework

We enable healthcare practice and providers to make informed decisions with real-time data analytics.

Friction-free Engagement

We help healthcare practices to deliver personalized experiences throughout their care journey.

Improved Control

We help healthcare practices lower administrative burden and healthcare cost.

Smooth & Clutter-free Operations

We help healthcare practices to increase staff efficiency and improve practice performance.

Financial Stability & Growth

We empower healthcare practices to control revenue leakages and optimize financial growth.

Our Values

Make Crew- Think Like Leaders

Together we can, and we will is our mantra.

Pretexts- On No Account

We preach fair play and clear standards.

Punctuality- is the Virtue

We understand the importance of time.

We are a global team

Amazing Organizational Culture

Deep Domain Knowledge

Operating from Texas USA

A diverse talent pool of experienced personnel

Lead Team

Amarnatha Reddy Midde

Amarnath Reddy Chappidi


Dr Kuldeep Raizada


We participate in corporate events and deliver informative sessions regarding EHNOTE and its capabilities very often. Go through our gallery for pictures and videos, and learn more about us.

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