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Mobility Solutions

Remote Consult with Patient

EHNOTE Remote helps Doctors to consult with a patient remotely. It allows constant monitoring of the patient’s condition and performance of preventive and control check-ups outside medical facilities. EHNOTE Remote helps you to determine the need for patient physical visits, which help you to reduce the burden on your hospital. EHNOTE Remote can help you to Communicate with patients and providing the treatment plan through remote consultation. We make your health center is telemedicine ready!

  • Book online Appointment
  • Video Consultation
  • Online Prescription

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complete Practice management software

Complete Practice with Complete Mobility

Carry a clutter-free, smooth and user-friendly EHR experience wherever you go. EHNOTE packs all the power of our EHR platform on mobile devices with:

  • Convenient & Interactive Dashboards
  • Appointments & Scheduling
  • Patient-Specific Planning & Care Management
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Analytics
  • Patient health records
  • Investigation
  • Complete Consultation
  • E-Prescribing

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complete Practice management software
Appointments on the Go

Appointments on the Go

Have access to your appointments on mobile devices and manage them on the go. Now, you need not be tied to your desk. With EHNOTE mobile you can:

  • Book an appointment
  • Reschedule/Cancel Appointment
  • Monthly and weekly view of the appointments
  • Calendar and list view for convenience
  • Plan your day ahead with clear view of appointments
  • Follow-up on Appointments

Wireless & Paperless In-depth Consultations

Our mobile EHR applications comes with a full-fledged features for consulting anywhere. EHNOTE gives you the freedom to practice whenever the situation demands. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Add any new findings to clinical records
  • Complete Past history of patient
  • Patient Lifestyle tracker
  • Diagnosis and treatment plans through mobile
  • Issue e-Prescriptions with Changing Circumstances
  • Advance Investigations
  • Reduced Operational Inefficiencies
  • Positive Business Impact
Mobile Investigations

Mobile Investigations

EHNOTE mobile has a built-in advance investigation module that allows easy access to existing patient investigations. This helps doctors to view existing investigations or note new ones with a single tap. Investigation over mobile includes capturing the images with phone camera and uploading them to note a specific problem. Such data can be saved with patient records and analyzed to get a feedback on the treatment efforts.

Lifestyle Tracking

Patient Lifestyle Tracking

Analyzing patient lifestyle can be important aspect in treating patients. This is why EHNOTE enables Doctors to access the patient lifestyle information related to physical activities, sleeping patterns and food habits. Based on this information, Doctors can providing a better treatment plan

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