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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the key driving force behind many processes on EHNOTE.
It learns from various data stored on the EHR system, analyzes them and facilitates informed decision-making to every stakeholder.
This brings better performance across all functions of hospitals/clinics and ultimately lead to higher returns.
E-Prescription Medical records


Forget any tedious data-entry for e-prescriptions. With EHNOTE, Doctors can select medicine from a list of intelligent suggestions, verify everything at a glance and prescribe at speed. You’ll be thrilled; it takes only a few seconds!

EHNOTE alerts you in case any prescribed drug isn’t safe for your patient. It is based on the data from patient's medical history, current medications, and habits like alcohol consumption.

You can send the e-prescription to any connected pharmacy or see whether the prescribed medicines are in stock and modify the prescription accordingly. This saves your patient’s time, effort and thereby help increase the value of your service.

We take care of the regulatory updates so that you don’t miss out any critical details. Our Drug Database is always up to date with controlled and regulated medication which will help you to avoid prescribing banned medication.

E-Prescription Medical records

Clinical Analytics

EHNOTE provides insights on key areas to help you gain efficiency. Any information you get would be in sync with all kinds of data that enters our EHR system: appointments, check ups, followups, lab results and so on. It can help practitioners, staff and medical office administration to plan ahead. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Drill-down on performance metrics at various levels of your hospital/clinic such as a branch, department or doctor.
  • Measure the patient flow from front office to the end of treatment.
  • Know which marketing effort brings in more traction.

Customizable Workflows

Every doctor should have an EHR platform that complements their practice. Since all practitioners have their own way of consultation process, EHNOTE provides the flexibility to suit those requirements. With our AI-powered platform, any practitioner can have custom workflow templates ready for various day-to-day consultations. These templates can be quickly modified according to the needs of a patient. This feature eliminates the most repetitive tasks in patient consultation and thereby enabling more productive time.

Inclusion of ICD-11 Codes

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is a common language for reporting and monitoring diseases by World Health Organization (WHO). By including the latest version ICD-11, EHNOTE brings a consistent and standard way to compare and share data. It facilitates the collection and storage of data for analysis according to international guidelines.


Interoperability brings seamless data transfer so that you don’t have to rely on fragmented methods like email to share information with the institutions in your ecosystem. While most other EHR systems are isolated, EHNOTE offers interoperability with:

  • Hospital Networks
  • Customers
  • Diagnostic Equipments
  • Pharmacies
  • Insurance Providers
  • Labs and Diagnostics Center
  • Health Information Exchange Databases
  • Specialty Databases
  • Immunization Registries

cloud based practice management software

Quick Consultation

General follows-ups or minor cases that don’t need detailed consultation can be done quickly in EHNOTE. Quick consultation is a specialty specific feature that allows you to generate a patient medical record or prescription in a few clicks.

cloud based practice management software

Advanced Dental Charts

EHNOTE provides advanced dental charts. This is an easy and intuitive way to chart cases with multiple treatment plans. Our beautiful odontogram charts get the complete picture of a patient’s dental observations at a glance.

Detail Investigation Modules

EHNOTE provides in-detail and advanced investigation modules for Ophthalmology. It has an option to create customised investigation templates that suits your style of usage. Our platform also uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to connect with investigation devices and store any images directly in patient records.

State-of-the-Art Image Uploading

EHNOTE has state-of-the-art image uploading technology that allows you to record images directly using any smartphone or other compatible devices. This helps you compare and study the Pre-treatment along side the Post-treatment health conditions using quality images. On EHNOTE images like Pre-treatment, Lab Reports, Post-treatment, or any other image related to patient are organized at one place and can be accessed with a click of the button.

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