EHNOTE GYNIC EHR digitizes every process GYNIC practice including the gestational age, prenatal details, history, e-prescriptions, interface with labs for orders/results management, physical exams, ultrasound, and images integration.

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EHNOTE’s Gynaecology EHR is a well-connected system offering multiple features to assists Gynaecologists with their great responsibilities. EHNOTE gynaecology EHR offers:

  • A Decision Support Dashboard
  • Pre-Natal Details & History
  • E-Prescription Records
  • OB/GYN History
  • Digitized Lab Orders, Scans & Reports
  • Practice Management
  • Physical Exam & Procedural Templates
  • A Seamless & Efficient Scheduling System
  • E&M Coding Specific to the Profession
  • Patient Portal

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