The pediatrics EHR offered by EHNOTE, provides paediatricians with a software that is tailored to each and every one of their requirements.

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Pediatric EMR Software


EHNOTE’s pediatrics EHR module is a tailored made software to help you nurse a child back to health. It incorporates automated data-entry, documentation system and allows you to view the complete picture of a child’s health, including the family profile. EHNOTE paediatrics EHR solution offers:

  • Family Profile (includes parents health information, genetics, sibling growth charts etc.)
  • Automatic Growth Charts
  • Vaccination Dashboard (History & Other Details)
  • Doctor-Patient Encounters (Summary & Detailed Reports)
  • Situation-specific (Customizable) Screening Questionnaires
  • E-prescribing
  • Registry Integration
  • Workflow Design & Management
  • Computerized Medicinal Order Entry
  • Patient Recommendations
  • E&M Coding
  • Administrative & Revenue Management

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