Practice Management

New doctors often find it hard to extract and go through a patient’s history while figuring out the best treatment option. EHNOTE is a flawless medical practice management software that brings together all functions into a single dashboard that is easy to view as well as operate.

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practice management software
practice management software

Insurance and Billing Module

An Integrated and comprehensive Claim Generation and Billing Management System

EHNOTE’s insurance and billing module contains many advanced features in addition to usual medical billing and insurance accounting functions such as-

  • Practice Management
  • Scheduling
  • Patient record keeping
  • Claims processing
  • Electronic claim submission
  • Receivables management
  • Claims rejection analysis
  • Automated billing code transcription
  • Copayment built into scheduling
  • Tracking

EHNOTE’s Insurance and Billing module helps in faster claims processing, resulting in faster payment and increased revenue.

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Best-in-Class Appointment System

Unlike the average patient appointment schedulers, EHNOTE gets you more productive in less time. The appointment system in EHNOTE is much more than managing a patient’s appointment time, date and doctor. With our feature-rich practice and patient management tools you can perform things like:

  • Faster Check-Ins and Discharge
  • Pre Scheduling Appointments That Run On a Time Cycle (Monthly/Weekly/Annually)
  • One-click Scheduling of Recurring Appointments
  • Identify gaps in patient care
  • Reduce Waiting Times and Increase Revenue with Automatic Reminders
  • Performance Optimization
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Patient-Personal Health Engagement through EHNOTE Patient – the online portal for patients
Appointment System
Dashboard to Drilldown on Analytics & Detailed Reporting

Dashboard to Drilldown on Analytics & Detailed Reporting

Bring healthcare performance analysis and tracking at your fingertips. With EHNOTE you can track your clinic/hospitals performance in various periods like daily, weekly and so on. The dashboard offers you the ability to look at the data make informed decisions to make improvements. The system also helps in converting your categorically-arranged data into well-structured reports so that you can have more information for important aspects such as making improvements in a particular department and overall growth forecasting. 

Built-in Inventory Management

Built-in Inventory Management

You may never want to go out of stock when its required the most. EHNOTE lets you keep a check on how many medications, DMEs and vaccines you have in stock. You also get inventory analytics and insights related to stock management by tracking which products are in demand. The built-in inventory management helps to:

  • Minimize unnecessary purchases
  • Schedule stocktakes
  • Implement different inventory costing methods
  • Make inventory management less time-consuming and more cost efficient
  • Transfer a portion of the inventory from a place which has surplus to a place that has a deficit
Built-in Inventory Management
Practice Billing Software
Practice Billing Software

Advanced Practice Billing Software

Billing is often a hassle when it comes EHR solutions which is why we aim at it simplifying it. EHNOTE has developed a smart billing solution that makes easier for patients to make payments and for you to track your earnings. You’ll have features that include:

  • ICD-11 compliant bills that pull information from records automatically, increasing accuracy and reducing the chances of duplication.
  • Streamlined tracking of payment transactions
  • Automation of financial processes to reduce the chances of human error and maximize your clinical/hospital earnings
  • Direct integration into your accounting software
  • HIPAA-compliant leading security
cloud based practice management software

Choice of Online and Offline Systems

Our advanced EHR is a hybrid solution that offers both online and offline versions to your hospital/clinic. The online (cloud) version allows instant updating of patient records and other non-clinical information. Whereas in the offline version you can run most important functionalities of the EHR system without having any internet connectivity.

cloud based practice management software
Multi-Location Management

Multi-Location Management

EHNOTE offers real-time, centralized management for hospitals/clinics with multiple locations. The system allows you to have access to all types of data for all locations relevant to you. You will also be able to coordinate activity between multiple locations such as substituting staff, transferring inventory and scheduling for practitioners. All these means you have increased transparency of information and control over all the locations. 

Integrations and Customizations

EHNOTE offers you the ability to personalize everything whether it is a clinical task or an administrative responsibility. The transition does not have to be a time consuming process. With EHNOTE’s seamless integration capabilities, you will be able to create patient records within minutes, not to mention, the easy customization options that will allow you to input and view the information that is relevant to you without wasting your energy. EHNOTE’s template library includes:

  • KPI Dashboards
  • Scheduling system
  • Reminders for appointments
  • E-Messaging and other forms of electronic communication
  • Insurance Denial Management
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Payment, Billing and Balance Dashboard
  • Check and Electronic Claims
  • Efficient data mining and subsequently generated reports
  • Important and Relevant Analytics
  • patient Portal for an improved patient experience
  • Online Payment options
  • Chatting tool to keep you in the loop at all times.
  • Virtual Encounter Notepads to help you prioritize and streamline your day-to-day tasks.
  • Image & Lab Integration
  • IOT Integration for connecting to multiple devices and import or export medical records, scans etc.

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