4 Reasons how cloud-based EHR software can help improve your eye care practice

Cloud EHR for Ophthalmology

When it comes to deploying EHR software at your eye care practice, choosing between client-server and cloud-based EHR software is a tough decision to make for an eye care practitioner. Choosing the right software that best suits your practice’s budget and staff is indeed a difficult task.

The top 20 ranked EHR software providers for 2015 were all cloud-based EHR software’s, and all the providers scored more than 90 percent in overall client satisfaction across 18 key performance indicators. Furthermore, 83 percent of the more than 5700 small and solo medical practices surveyed by black book research indicated that the most significant technology trend is cloud-based EHR software. The survey reveals that overall EHR software satisfaction in small practices has rapidly increased from barely 13 percent to 81 percent in a period of 3 years from 2012 to 2015, respectively.

The adoption rate of cloud-based EHR in small urban practices has also increased from 60 percent in 2013 to 82 percent. (source)

Difference between on-premise and cloud-based EHR software.

In on-premise EHR software, the provider will deploy the hardware and software at the premises of your practice. This means patient information is stored on-site. And it is maintained by the IT staff, and the provider will step in to coordinate with the team, as and when you need any help.

On the other hand, in cloud-based EHR software, all the data is stored on external servers. All you need to access your data anytime anywhere is a computer with an internet connection.

The main reasons why eye care practice needs cloud-based EHR software.

Numerous eye care practices are adopting cloud-based EHR software. Cloud-based EHR software is a must for the renovation of your eye care practice. Here is how cloud-based EHR software can help you improve your eye care practice.

1.Easy deployment: Deployment of EHR software at your practice is indeed a big concern; ease of deployment is one of the firm reason behind every eye care practice preferring cloud-based EHR software. Cloud-based EHR software helps to mitigate the up-front capital investment required for housing the hardware at the eye care practice premises. Your practice can get an organized workflow and prevent interruptions in cash flow, with quick and easy deployment.

2.Accessibility and mobility: On-premise software provides limited accessibility, as the provider will install it at your practice’s premises. With cloud-based EHR software, you’ll always be able to maintain critical data at your fingertips, which allows you to provide better care for your patients. It also provides an opportunity for better patient engagement and interaction. With cloud-based EHR software like EHNOTE, your practice will have improved mobility. All you need to access your data is a mobile device with an internet connection, anytime anywhere.

3.Data security: Patient data stored in cloud-based EHR software such as EHNOTE is subject to HIPAA privacy rules. You no longer have to be concerned about security breaches into your data. Instead, you can count on your provider to protect your patients data on a centralized server. EHNOTE will warehouse your data at a centralized server that is resilient to security breaches, data theft, malware, and natural disasters.

4.Disaster recovery: Patient’s medical records are the salient assets of an eye care practice. The loss in data can lead to calamities. Storing your patient data in a cloud-based EHR like EHNOTE will provide you automatic data recovery options in emergencies, be it natural disasters, technological disasters, or man-made disasters. In the case of a disastrous situation, the provider will store patients data on a secondary site.

Relying on cloud-based EHR software will help you eliminate the stress of losing your patient data, compared to traditional paper-based and on-premise records. But data stored in a cloud is always accessible via any mobile device with an internet connection, anytime anywhere by authorized personnel.


As they say “the way up to the top of the mountain is always longer unless you start climbing”. the transition from traditional paper-based records to cloud-based EHR software may seem extravagant at first. However, you’ll start noticing numerous benefits in production and efficiency along with improved security.

With speciality-centric software like EHNOTE, transforming your eye care practice from traditional paper-based medical records system into a cloud-based EHR software will be a cakewalk.

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