An EHR that improves clinical productivity and patient outcomes

Ophthalmology EMR to improve clinical productivity

Electronic Health Records or EHRs have resulted in the moving of medical records from a paper system to a computer system thereby improving the clinical as well as physician’s productivity. The intention behind the introduction or invention of EHR system was to increase the quality of patient care, decrease medical errors and in saving costs.

Improving the EHR use across the healthcare system can help reduce physician burn out and in strengthening the patient care process. EHRs are much better organized than paper charts allowing for faster retrieval of lab or X-ray results.

EHRs intended purpose is to improve the ease and efficiency of clinical documentation with appropriate safeguards in place and records reflecting the accurate picture of the concerned patient’s condition either at admission or as it changes over time.

Transform health care through EHNOTE EHR solutions – Overview

EHNOTE EHR solutions go beyond the basic tenets or principles of better healthcare, better health, improved efficiencies and lower healthcare costs and better clinical decision-making. A fully integrated EHNOTE advanced EHR system, leverages the best technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or AI thereby facilitating informed decision making by every stakeholder along the pipeline.

The success of a healthcare system depends on maintaining patient’s trust and this trust can be further cemented with properly designed EHR systems that eliminate the need to take down the transcriptions on paper. It can well organize the doctor or physician’s workflow resulting in increased efficiency and clinical productivity.

EHNOTE offers interoperability EHR systems with every segment of the healthcare system such as hospital networks, patients, diagnostic equipment, pharmacies, labs, health information exchange databases, immunization registries.

The ability of EHR to share information electronically boosts the quality of healthcare management. As such, the main objective or goal of EHNOTE EHR solutions is-

  • To provide a secure, reliable and efficient way to register, gather and process all the clinical data related to the patient.
  • To support the actions related to clinical practice and patient treatment
  • To provide optimized EHR solutions that can help both providers and patients throughout the care process thereby lowering the administrative burden of the clinics and medical facilities.

The EHR systems should consist of the right tools, metrics and incentives in addition to addressing the physicians’ and clinicians’ concerns about workflow barriers, with additional benefits that include increased professional satisfaction, reduced turnover and improved overall hospital or clinical culture.

The EHNOTE EHR solutions accomplish the financial objectives; improve adoption and helps in interpreting disorganized, complex arrays of medical data into actionable information and clinical insights. An integrated healthcare CRM solution helps in bridging the patient engagement gap and this is what the EHNOTE EHR systems provide.