Healthcare marketing advantages of cloud based EHR software in clinical marketing

Marketing advantage of cloud EHR

Does your clinical setting seem to be crippled while reaching out to the desired marketing extent? Don't have enough information to formulate a marketing plan? Even when you have already tried every trick in the book, things still fall through the cracks? not sure where to start? Don't sweat it – we are here to help.

But before we get to that, have you ever thought about adopting a Cloud-based EHR software? Ophthalmologists worldwide have already begun transitioning to Cloud-based EHRs, and here you are still obsessed with the obsolete systems and resisting change along with state-of-the-art. Well, resisting change is more like opposing to evolve, which is both absurd and futile. With your staff getting dragged along the dead loss Client-servers, you expect to achieve successful marketing? Things don't seem to add up.

Every small and mid-sized eye care practice is adopting Cloud-based EHR software for easy acquisition, utilization and safe storage of Big data in a regulatory complaint Cloud-server. You might be wondering how Cloud-servers are helpful in Healthcare Marketing?

When it comes to deploying Cloud-based EHR software, a fact where we all can agree is that it is Timesaving.

EHNOTE, a cloud-based EHR software primarily catering to ophthalmology with its customized specialty-specific interfaces, stores big data safely on a cloud-server with subject to HIPAA privacy rules. It gives you an advantage over On-premise software and lets you define your practice cunningly and emphasize brand identity.

The strategic process that does the trick to achieve marketing objectives:

Healthcare marketing cannot rely upon word of mouth; it must adhere to a set of parameters.

1.Target identification: Big data stored in a Cloud-based server can be your trick of the trade. Use the database to create your buyer's persona and specify their needs so that you can improve your workflow and provide quality care with Cloud-based Information technology infrastructure. And therefore, increase the value of your brand in the healthcare ecosystem.

Marketing strategies formulation: Choose strategies that best suits your workflow.
Such As

  • Cause marketing: Launch a medical campaign to identify the target audience and contribute to society's well-being simultaneously. The EHNOTE Camp App helps you organize a medical campaign with ease, where your clinic's brand value will grow considerably and understand your target needs.
  • Relationship marketing: The Panacea for Relationship marketing is the "EHNOTE patient's app". It keeps you in tandem with your patients, with easy appointment booking, remote consultation, diagnostics and telemedicine.
  • Online marketing: Cloud-based EHR builds Health Information Technology Infrastructure equipped along with Internet of Things, and is advantageous in using State-of-the-art Technology to seize the opportunities created by the widespread internet use to connect with and educate potential audiences, which in turn optimizes your brand recognition.

3.Budgeting: Every hospital struggles with budget planning regardless of their size, in which small hospitals face the same old cliché question, what do you plan to spend on marketing? Whereas large-sized hospitals find it difficult to allocate resources. Budgeting is daunting, but not with EHNOTE; we provide you with advanced financial analysis to help you effectively set up both budgeting and allocation plans.

4.Marketing objectives: Formulating successful marketing strategies requires you to know whether the EHR Software is consistent with your marketing objectives. EHR Software such as EHNOTE has been designed explicitly for Healthcare providers with relevance for scalable actions against time limits.

Implementation and evaluation: Implementation put your plans and strategies into action. With Cloud-based EHR Software such as EHNOTE, deployed as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service with features reflecting your eye care practice's objectives, implementing procedure will be a cake-walk.

Don't forget to measure it. How are you going to know if your tactics are working? Apparently, EHNOTE also provides solutions for this. Well, you guessed it right! Analytical solutions provide you with detailed information on the performance of your marketing strategies.


Marketing is more important than ever if you want to run a more profitable eye clinic. You don’t have enough time for that, but you can’t do without it. If this is how you feel about your eye care practice, you’re not alone.

Many Ophthalmologists join hands with EHNOTE; you don’t need a marketing department! EHNOTE helps you to integrate marketing with your clinical workflow.

Connecting to the pool of potential audience with Cloud-based software involves minimal efforts. Prepared to gear-up your eye care’s business flow?

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