Telehealth:The next normal in healthcare

Telehealth for eye care

This pandemic has given us a new buzzword: the "next normal" with the overnight health IT revolution. Healthcare providers have experienced a steep learning curve in a short time. With the rapid surge in healthcare providers adopting virtual visits, a significant amount of ambulatory care will never return to the way it used to be.

While telehealth technologies have matured rapidly in the aftermath of the pandemic, virtual care implementation has been a challenge. It's not just the healthcare providers who have to master the new methodology of care delivery, but also the patients who have to adopt telehealth as a new normal in accessing and receiving care.

Telehealth is much more than just meeting a doctor using a sophisticated device through video visits; it encompasses various services and multiple service delivery methodologies using advanced technology platforms and interfaces.

Responsible vendor recognizes the importance of explicit EHR software and designs the telehealth program to meet your practice needs. Telehealth differs fundamentally by care specificity and population group needs; you need to be precise while choosing your EHR software. If your software provider does not provide customizable interfaces, it affects your hospital's clinical and operational workflows.

Elderly care, for example, differs from pediatric care; children in pediatric care, are recipients of care. However, experience may have to be designed primarily for their parents who engage with the healthcare provider.

Technology firms such as EHNOTE have capitalized on unprecedented opportunities in the wake of the Covid-19, driving the wave of digital transformation to keep up with the skyrocketing demand for telemedicine. We offer Realtime video-consulting services and telehealth platforms integrated with Cloud Solutions.


Every healthcare system must design the digital care appropriate for its patients while remembering to meet the needs of physicians who deliver and manage the experience to determine new technology-enabled virtual care models' success.

And with Cloud-based EHR Software such as EHNOTE, healthcare providers will finally be able to tap into telehealth's true potential and support improvements in patient care; this is because healthcare providers can now have access to complete and accurate health information instead of trying periodically to extract required patient information during a short phone call or visit.

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